Kenneth A. Abe, D.D.S.
Specialist in Periodontics
Microsurgery, Digital Dental Implantology
Call: (650)941-2168

Alveolar Buccal Enhancement

Dr. Abe developed his "Alveolar Buccal Enhancement" (A.B.E.) in 2012 which addressed the problem of ridge collapse after tooth extraction. Previously Socket Preservation techniques were utilized to "minimize" the well known horizontal  and vertical collapse of the ridge after tooth extraction, however, it was also well known that though those procedures decreased the collapse of the ridge, there was still an unavoidable collapse that occurred resulting in aesthetic compromises and compromises in implant positioning which make maintenance and cleansability difficult. This can result in bone loss due to peri-implantitis over time. The Alveolar Buccal Enhancement (A.B.E.) addresses that problem resulting in implant placement in a more ideal position which improves aesthetics, maintenance and thus improves implant longevity. He was honored to present his technique to the Periodontal Association National Meeting in San Francisco in 2014.


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